Ethically Raised Cattle

This is what is important to us

Cattle Breed selection SageBeef farms have select cattle breeds for the traits of quiet temperament, eye muscle and marbling.

Natural Herdmanship SageBeef farms adopt low impact farming techniques, such as leaving calves with mothers for at least 5 months, low stress handling techniques

Grass-fed Beef SageBeef cattle are grass fed cattle that are NEVER feedlotted. SageBeef are free range cattle that roam the farms under rotational grazing programs that provides maximum grass for minimal impact to the pastures. At times of low grass growth the cattle are supplemented with grass hay, lucerne and sprouted oats.

NO Hormone Growth Promotants SageBeef cattle are never injected or fed with hormones of any type. SageBeef cattle are vaccinated to protect against common cattle diseases and drench to protect from intestinal worms – SageBeef believes that this offers the best protection for the cattle to remain healthy.

Direct transportation SageBeef transport the cattle to the abattoirs ourselves. Transportation can be the highest stress part of a cows life, so it is very important that low stress loading / unloading techniques are used. Minimising the length of transport decreases the stress as well – so we transport direct to the abattoir, no sale-yards and no feedlots.


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