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Here is how SageBeef does it

Farming We are passionate about our cattle and how we look after them whilst in our care - so to our SageBeef farming partners that work with us to produce premium quality beef. Strong genetics, passive weaning, grass-fed, well-fed cattle that are treated ethically is what we insist on.

Transport SageBeef has its own cattle transport truck, so that we can have control over potentially the most stressful part of an animals life. We load the cattle ourselves and transport directly to the abattoirs - minimising both the stress and time spent in transport. Just another way we put animal welfare first.

Butchering SageBeef has its very own on farm butchery, which allows us to control every aspect of production. Tim - our artisan butcher with 27 years experience can prepare any cut, and as well only do whole carcass butchering we can cater for literally any special requests. Please note – that the hamburgers, sausages and meat balls are gluten free, preservative free and in most cases paleo friendly.

Packaging SageBeef is all about freshness – so we make sure that our product is cryovacced. Costs us a little more – but we know that we are providing the freshest product possible – if pre-ordered and paid, we will ensure that the packs are delivered fresh.

The SageBeef Soap Box

Why you should care about where your food comes from

There are many quality beef producers across Australia, some feedlots, some grain-fed, some grass-fed, however the problem remains – that you - the consumer – can't tell the quality of the meat being bought by looks alone – the quality is in the tasting. Whilst many butchers and some supermarkets strive to provide the best quality beef – the reality of the Australian cattle market and supply chain is that it is virtually impossible for them to know the age, breed or how the cattle have been raised and what stress the cattle have had to endure prior to processing.

SageBeef believes

  • it is important for people to understand where their food comes from
  • it is important that we are transparent about our farming practices
  • it is important that the animals we produce are treated with care and respect
  • it is important to eat local produce

That’s where SageBeef is different: You can know the meat you eat

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