About Us

About Us

The idea for SageBeef came about through a desire to supply our premium cattle to family and friends.

The SageBeef Company is a family owned farming business located in Bannockburn, 15 minutes north of Geelong in Victoria. We produce high quality ethically raised beef. We are passionate about the cattle we raise and the end product we produce.

SageBeef is different to many other beef producers - we have control over the entire process - from breeding to providing you with high quality beef.

With SageBeef: You can know the meat you eat

SageBeef ensures the perfect steak by

  • Breeding for selected traits (temperament and muscle development)
  • Ethically raised cattle (no stress)
  • Direct transport to abattoir (no cattle markets or feed-lots)
  • Can be 14+ day dry hung for maximum tenderness - upon request
  • Cryovacced (beef is delivered fresh to you)
  • Delivered to your door!

We have control over every step of production and processing - if you care about where your food comes from - SageBeef is for you.


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